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Purse To Success

The Not So Obvious Persuader

The news hit me like a sharp hook to the abdomen from Ronda Rousey. A lump formed in my throat, I felt my heart rip, and an ocean of darkness washed through me as I sunk back into the chair, trying to be dignified. The news was stunning, they went with another competitor. The lump forming in my throat made it hard to talk and breathe. Searching for answers, wondering what happened, disappointment washing over me like the slam of an unexpected wave slapping me off my feet. What just happened? The shock of disbelief weighing heavily on my spirit? I worked hard, had the right ideas and they chose her over me. Worst of all, she was awarded a larger deal.

Who was was she? What did she have that I didn’t? Was it experience, was it the presentation, was it pricing or value? Was it bewitching, some magic at work? What was it?

The client purchased within the first 8 seconds of meeting you for the first time, almost as long as it takes Ronda Rousey (11 seconds) to quickly knock out her opponent. They were simply waiting to see what unfolded before they buy. What are you talking about, you ask? The first impression, you were subconsciously assessed by the primitive part of their brain. It happens in a flash, you get the feeling, then the rational brain takes over

If you talk the part, walk the part, be the part, life is a stage, be in character. Little things do matter, the smallest subtleties speak the loudest and have the most to say. You can never undo a first impression.

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meli melo

Melissa Del Bono established meli melo in April 2005 as a UK Limited Company headquartered in London. Meli melo is a British handbag label, with Italian heritage.

Recalling her time living in the beautiful Aeolian Islands, Melissa describes her love affair with the bag that began the obsession, ‘it was a huge wicker basket and I took it everywhere! We were inseparable! I would find any excuse to take it out with me. I just wanted something pretty to carry on my arm like the ladies in the villages would do.’

A passion for vintage pieces means that Melissa is continually looking backwards for her inspiration, ‘the past is a great source of inspiration for me. Take the wicker basket bags for example in the past they were used as feeding bowls for horses to eat from while they were on the move.’

This among others is a prime example of how Melissa has ceased the beauty in the functional objects and transformed them through her talent into beautiful fashionable pieces.

Her best selling design, the Thela, is influenced by how a women carries her bag. ‘I wanted to design a bag for the women that is not only practical and stylish but makes the wearer look and feel elegant by the way in which they carry it.’ The loop handles that are meant to be worn along the arm are the perfect feature for girls on the go.

‘For me, the way in which a woman carries her bag is a very important feature; it can make or break an outfit.’

Meli Melo Lipstick Pink Handbag Paired Here With Dolcegabbana Espadrilles And Baarandbass Malachite Bangle