Purse To Success

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Purse To Success

The Not So Obvious Persuader

The news hit me like a sharp hook to the abdomen from Ron­da Rousey. A lump formed in my throat, I felt my heart rip, and an ocean of dark­ness washed through me as I sunk back into the chair, try­ing to be dig­ni­fied. The news was stun­ning, they went with anoth­er com­peti­tor. The lump form­ing in my throat made it hard to talk and breathe. Search­ing for answers, won­der­ing what hap­pened, dis­ap­point­ment wash­ing over me like the slam of an unex­pect­ed wave slap­ping me off my feet. What just hap­pened ? The shock of dis­be­lief weigh­ing heav­i­ly on my spir­it ? I worked hard, had the right ideas and they chose her over me. Worst of all, she was award­ed a larg­er deal.

Who was was she ? What did she have that I didn’t ? Was it expe­ri­ence, was it the pre­sen­ta­tion, was it pric­ing or val­ue ? Was it bewitch­ing, some mag­ic at work ? What was it ?

The client pur­chased with­in the first 8 sec­onds of meet­ing you for the first time, almost as long as it takes Ron­da Rousey (11 sec­onds) to quick­ly knock out her oppo­nent. They were sim­ply wait­ing to see what unfold­ed before they buy. What are you talk­ing about, you ask ? The first impres­sion, you were sub­con­scious­ly assessed by the prim­i­tive part of their brain. It hap­pens in a flash, you get the feel­ing, then the ratio­nal brain takes over

If you talk the part, walk the part, be the part, life is a stage, be in char­ac­ter. Lit­tle things do mat­ter, the small­est sub­tleties speak the loud­est and have the most to say. You can nev­er undo a first impres­sion.

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meli melo

Melis­sa Del Bono estab­lished meli melo in April 2005 as a UK Lim­it­ed Com­pa­ny head­quar­tered in Lon­don. Meli melo is a British hand­bag label, with Ital­ian her­itage.

Recall­ing her time liv­ing in the beau­ti­ful Aeo­lian Islands, Melis­sa describes her love affair with the bag that began the obses­sion, it was a huge wick­er bas­ket and I took it every­where ! We were insep­a­ra­ble ! I would find any excuse to take it out with me. I just want­ed some­thing pret­ty to car­ry on my arm like the ladies in the vil­lages would do.’

A pas­sion for vin­tage pieces means that Melis­sa is con­tin­u­al­ly look­ing back­wards for her inspi­ra­tion, the past is a great source of inspi­ra­tion for me. Take the wick­er bas­ket bags for exam­ple in the past they were used as feed­ing bowls for hors­es to eat from while they were on the move.’

This among oth­ers is a prime exam­ple of how Melis­sa has ceased the beau­ty in the func­tion­al objects and trans­formed them through her tal­ent into beau­ti­ful fash­ion­able pieces.

Her best sell­ing design, the Thela, is influ­enced by how a women car­ries her bag. I want­ed to design a bag for the women that is not only prac­ti­cal and styl­ish but makes the wear­er look and feel ele­gant by the way in which they car­ry it.’ The loop han­dles that are meant to be worn along the arm are the per­fect fea­ture for girls on the go.

For me, the way in which a woman car­ries her bag is a very impor­tant fea­ture ; it can make or break an out­fit.’

Meli Melo Lipstick Pink Handbag Paired Here With Dolcegabbana Espadrilles And Baarandbass Malachite Bangle