Post Surgery Mastectomy Recovery

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Post Surgery Mastectomy Recovery
By The Lingerie Loft

The Lingerie Loft Free Post Surgery Mastectomy Program

Post Breast Surgery
Camisole for Recovery

Yes we offer a free post surgery camisole for a speedy, com­fort­able recov­ery. We believe you are deal­ing with enough with­out any addi­tion­al deci­sions. To assist you in your tran­si­tion and post-surgery recov­ery we offer to you our RTWP™ Camisole free of charge. Com­plete with almost every­thing you need for a more agree­able and hap­py recov­ery. Soft and com­fort­able, per­fect to relax and sleep in.

We ask you to come in about six weeks or so after your surgery into The Lin­gerie Loft to choose your breast form and bra from the worlds finest com­pa­nies that are right for you. Our cer­ti­fied fit­ters will have you look­ing and feel­ing great. We under­stand heal­ing is for the heart, mind and soul as well.

Come in for a pri­vate, per­son­al fit­ting by our Cer­ti­fied Pro­fes­sion­al Fit­ters.

We at The Lin­gerie Loft under­stand what you are to face on the road to well­ness. Your com­fort, phys­i­cal and emo­tion­al well being is impor­tant to us first and fore­most. We will assist you in mak­ing informed deci­sions about prop­er­ly fit­ting your body and fig­ure. You will be able to dress like you are accus­tom to and look great in the mir­ror. No one needs to know oth­er­wise. Look con­fi­dent, feel con­fi­dent know­ing we are here to help you.

For more infor­ma­tion call or email us and we will be hap­py to assist in a dis­crete, pri­vate and con­fi­den­tial man­ner.

Drop in and see us…
you will be glad you did !

Email us in con­fi­dence.

Post-surgical Garment

The Lingerie Loft 2105NU Camisole Lingerie DetailFor your com­fort the post sur­gi­cal gar­ment with drain man­age­ment has stretch neck­line for easy step-in entry.

  • Ultra-soft cot­ton fab­ric offers a snug but non-restric­tive fit.
  • Cot­ton pock­ets. Includes two 2106 Fiber­fill puffs and two 2107 remov­able drain pouch­es.
  • Material:88% cotton/​12% Lycra® Span­dex
  • Designed for com­fort and func­tion, this post-sur­gi­cal camisole is made from a soft cotton/​LYCRA® fab­ric that gen­tly hugs the body for a secure fit.
  • The camisole fea­tures smooth side seams to min­i­mize irri­ta­tion on sen­si­tive skin and light breast sup­port. Avail­able in sev­en sizes.
  • Excel­lent to wear home from the hos­pi­tal after a mas­tec­to­my.
  • Includ­ed are two detach­able pouch­es to aid in drainage man­age­ment and a fiber­fill leisure form to bal­ance your shape.

Benefits To You

  • Pro­vides a high degree of com­fort to the surgery site dur­ing the ini­tial heal­ing time.
  • Inter­nal pan­el lin­ing the front of the camisole holds one or two non-aller­genic puffs as need­ed.
  • Puffs may be adjust­ed to size by remov­ing unneed­ed poly­ester fill.
  • Camisoles are designed to be worn instead of a bra as under­gar­ments.
  • Ide­al for use at bed­time, dur­ing radi­a­tion, chemother­a­py, or for leisure wear.
  • Avail­able in sev­en sizes : XS (2÷4), S (6÷8), M (10÷12), L (14÷16), XL (18÷10), 2X (22÷24), 3X (26÷28), 4X (30)
  • Avail­able in White or Nude.

Post Surgical Drain Containment Device

2107 DrainagePouch 150pxDescription:Accessory for #2863, 2860, 2161, 2160K and 2105. Pro­vides sym­me­try imme­di­ate­ly after surgery. Easy to adjust form to the cor­rect full­ness by adding or remov­ing fiber­fill. Extra fiber­fill includ­ed. Material:Front, filler, 100% poly­ester ; Back, 95% cotton/​5% span­dex.

Sizes:XS (28÷30); S (32÷24); M (36÷38); L (40÷42); XL (44); 2X (46); 3X (48); 4X (50); 5X (52)

Drain Pouch­Fiber­fill Post-Sur­gi­cal Form

Description:Accessory for Recov­ery Care Gar­ments 2861, 2860,

2106 FiberfillLeisureForm 150px

2161, 2160 and 2105, attach­es to gar­ment secure­ly with Vel­cro tab. 2 per bag. One size. Stan­dard shape and size for use with Jack­son-Pratt, Hemovac and oth­er drain man­age­ment sys­tems.

Material:95% cot­ton, 5% span­dex.

Post Surgery Camisole

Drop into The Lin­gerie Loft and we can help you. Email us in con­fi­dence.

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