Pitfalls of DIY Renovations

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Pitfalls of DIY Renovations
The Hidden Costs

Separation or Divorce

Home Renovations Make 12 Percent of Couples Consider Divorce, According To Houzz Survey

The Huff­in­g­ton Post | By Shana Eck­er | 07/​31/​2013

Although it’s excit­ing to start a home ren­o­va­tion, there are, of course, some draw­backs. Remod­el­ing projects can go over bud­get, get behind sched­ule and, accord­ing to design and home improve­ment web­site Houzz, wreak hav­oc on rela­tion­ships.

More than half of the respon­dents from a sur­vey dis­trib­uted by the site report­ed that ren­o­vat­ing was a par­tic­u­lar­ly frus­trat­ing and stress­ful time in their mar­riages. And a sur­pris­ing 12 per­cent even admit­ted that their projects led them to con­sid­er a sep­a­ra­tion or divorce. Yikes ! But what are cou­ples fight­ing over ?

One third attest­ed their con­flicts to bat­tling styles, accord­ing to the sur­vey. Mar­riage coun­selor Julie Schwartz Gottman dis­cussed the top­ic of dis­agree­ing over design with The Wall Street Jour­nal and said if some­body doesn’t feel under­stood, it can sit there fes­ter­ing and trick­le out into the rest of the mar­riage.”

To over­come this, Maxwell Ryan from Apart­ment Ther­a­py sug­gests that instead of attempt­ing to mix per­son­al­i­ties with­in the same space, let each spouse have a room to dec­o­rate as they wish. But that’s as long as one part­ner hasn’t already thrown out the other’s stuff with­out them know­ing, a habit of one in five of the respon­dents. The biggest offend­ers report­ed were old fur­ni­ture, posters and art­work.

Click through our list of DIYs you prob­a­bly shouldn’t tack­le.

Tree Removal

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Cut­ting down trees, or even remov­ing branch­es requires climb­ing and work­ing with dan­ger­ous tools from a high dis­tance off the ground. This is dis­as­ter wait­ing to hap­pen, and def­i­nite­ly some­thing bet­ter left to pro­fes­sion­als who are trained and paid to do this !

Home Additions Or Structural Changes

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Knock­ing down walls might seem like a sim­ple task, but behind those walls could be elec­tri­cal wiring, gas pipes and plumb­ing that can cause huge prob­lems in your home. Rather than tak­ing a chance, con­sult a con­trac­tor first !

Paving Your Driveway

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Paving stones can turn a bor­ing dri­ve­way into a focal point. And while they look rel­a­tive­ly sim­ple to install, the real­i­ty is that the mea­sur­ing and posi­tion­ing of paving stones can be tremen­dous­ly time-con­sum­ing. (Think of it as a game of Tetris on steroids.) But a team of pro­fes­sion­als can cut instal­la­tion down to a day, depend­ing on your dri­ve­way size.

Electrical Work

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It’s one thing to flip a fuse switch to the pow­er in your home on or off, but anoth­er to attempt to repair faulty wiring or any oth­er elec­tri­cal issues with­out pro­fes­sion­al help. Work­ing with elec­tri­cal wires can be dead­ly and the prop­er pre­cau­tions and knowl­edge are cru­cial.

Plumbing Repair

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Unless it’s some­thing sim­ple like unclog­ging a toi­let or fix­ing a drain, mess­ing with plumb­ing can cause major dilem­mas (Just think about an over­flow­ing toi­let or unstop­pable burst in a pipe…not fun). It’s always bet­ter to ask a plumber before try­ing to tack­le any plumb­ing issues on your own.

Repairing An Above Ground Pool

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While we’re sure most peo­ple wouldn’t attempt to tack­le a project like this on their own, we fig­ure we should men­tion that it would be extreme­ly dan­ger­ous to make these repairs. All it takes is one loose piece of sid­ing, and the entire pool could col­lapse.

Roof Repair

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Besides the fact that work­ing on top of a roof is very risky because one could eas­i­ly lose their foot­ing and slip, it can also be detri­men­tal to your home’s struc­ture if you don’t know the prop­er way to install or repair roof­ing. If you are going to check the roof for dam­ages or clean­ing gut­ters, bring a friend and pro­ceed with cau­tion.

Installing Siding

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If done prop­er­ly, sid­ing can last for years. But if sid­ing is not secure­ly installed, weath­er con­di­tions can tear it off, or seep under­neath, caus­ing harm to the frame of your home. Rather than tak­ing this chance, it’s safer to have a pro­fes­sion­al install it prop­er­ly.

Adding Or Replacing Windows

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Spe­cial­ized tools and meth­ods are required to prop­er­ly install new win­dows to make sure they are well insu­lat­ed and secure. While it can be cost­ly, a pro­fes­sion­al can ensure that you’ll be com­fort­able in your home for years to come.

Creating An Outdoor Kitchen

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We’re the first to admit out­door kitchens are fan­tas­tic, but attempt­ing to put one in your­self could be dis­as­trous. It might seem easy enough (a lit­tle floor­ing and a grill-sta­tion) but you could end up with a half-fin­ished patio and plumb­ing gone awry. So while it might be tempt­ing to build one in your back­yard, ask your­self if you’ll real­ly use the kitchen year-round…and then, of course, call in a pro.