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Make The Most Money From Your Home

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Zoomer Magazine’s, land­scape archi­tect Vic­to­ria Lis­ter Car­ley states, the biggest bang for your buck home improve­ment you can make (with an eye to sell­ing) is in front of your house. Curb appeal starts where the front walk meets the side­walk. Invest­ing here…will facil­i­tate a quick­er sale”. That first impres­sion for a prospec­tive buy­er is cre­at­ed here. If it is a pos­i­tive one then they are already in a pos­i­tive frame of mind. A well main­tained entry indi­cates a well loved and well cared for home. Vic­to­ria con­tin­ues to say, you can scarce­ly go wrong with a land­scape refresh…people are buy­ing neigh­bour­hood as well as house, espe­cial­ly at the high end”. Address all issues with bro­ken or heav­ing stone walks, dead shrubs, peel­ing paint, dry rot etc., to cre­ate that great first impres­sion.


As part of this Curb Appeal, the front door and entry must be clean, fresh­ly paint­ed and invit­ing. Be sure it becomes the focal point of your home by paint­ing the door an eye catch­ing col­or to add piz­zaz’!

To cre­ate visu­al inter­est strate­gi­cal­ly place strik­ing acces­sories and eye catch­ing pot­ted plants or flo­ral urns. Add a dec­o­ra­tive wreath on the door. Keep it tidy and unclut­tered. Hang beau­ti­ful, func­tion­al light fix­tures by the front door. Don’t skimp on qual­i­ty here !
Is your walk­way dingy and dat­ed ? There are many inex­pen­sive options for you.
Pow­er wash­ing dis­col­ored inter­lock, stone work or nat­ur­al wood, will have it look­ing like new again.

If all your entry needs is spruc­ing up, wash your front door and porch. Elim­i­nate any signs of spi­ders and cob­webs. Noth­ing is less invit­ing than these lit­tle crit­ters’ greet­ing you !
Is the mail­box in good shape ? If not paint it or replace it. What­ev­er you do, make your entry say it feels great to be liv­ing in this house”.

Detail your house like you would detail your car.


Repair and repaint the fence.

A well kept lawn indi­cates a well kept home. Cut the grass. Rake the leaves and sweep walk­ways.
Cut and trim the shrubs. Remove dead tree limbs and oth­er yard debris.
Cre­ate an invit­ing and intrigu­ing walk­way with shrubs and trees that offer some­thing in all sea­sons with their col­or, form and tex­ture. Add a splash of col­or with sea­son­al flow­ers.

Wash the driveway and sidewalk. Patch cracks or holes.

Clean up the garage and shed to inspire the view­er, so they can envi­sion them­selves work­ing in the space. We often sug­gest liven­ing up a patio area with con­tain­ers of struc­tured ever­greens and col­or­ful accents for a fresh sea­son­al touch.

Is the gas grill clean and ready for use ?

Illu­mi­nate to cre­ate a sophis­ti­cat­ed look ! Effec­tive­ly place lights around your house, not on the house itself. Focus on plant­i­ngs, trees, path­ways and the lawn to cre­ate a soft and pret­ty lay­ered atmos­phere.


Exte­ri­ors are often neglect­ed. Hav­ing a gourmet kitchen with the rest of the house not match­ing up takes away val­ue.

Paint the doors, sid­ing, shut­ters, garage doors and trim in a com­ple­men­tary shade to the sid­ing or brick. Repair gut­ters, loose shin­gles and flash­ing.

Clean and repair windows and screens.

Make sure outside lights and doorbells work.

Address any of these needs, prompt­ly. They are cru­cial in get­ting top dol­lar for your home.

You can nev­er undo a first impres­sion.