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La Petite Coquette
lingerie with imagination

Made­moi­selle, Madame or femme fatale, ele­gance makes the heart skip a beat, for the sweep­ing hand of time slow­ing to a stop, our throb­bing heart pound­ing in our chest, echo­ing in our in our head, our body trem­bling with the rac­ing allure of antic­i­pa­tion…

The dead don’t need lovers…
…only the liv­ing.

Love and romance begins in our mind, radi­at­ing out­wards through­out or souls and spir­it, our ener­gy vibrat­ing chang­ing our chem­istry, allur­ing our essences…to be con­tin­ued.

Busi­ness Details

The Lin­gerie Loft
121 Kent Street West
Down­town Lind­say
ON K9V 2Y5

Mon­day — Fri­day 10 — 6
Sat­ur­day 10 — 5
Sun­day 12 — 4

T : 705 328 1829

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Where To Find Us.

Where should one use per­fume?” a young woman asked.
Wher­ev­er one wants to be kissed.”Coco Chanel