Kitchen Upgrades – A Woman’s Perspective

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Kitchen Upgrades – A Woman’s Perspective

Tom and Sue are look­ing for a new kitchen, rather Sue is as she loves the kitchen, espe­cial­ly prepar­ing fine foods for the fam­i­ly. Cook­ing gives a great deal of sat­is­fac­tion and Food­ie pro­grams on tele­vi­sion are a favourite pas­time. Many dish­es pre­pared by mas­ter chefs end up on the table, a feast to behold.

Sue dis­cov­ered how won­der­ful real pro­fes­sion­al cook­ware was com­pared to her pro­fes­sion­al cook­ware” from the Big Box Hard­ware and Auto­mo­tive Sup­ply Store Sue often accom­pa­nied Tom to. Tom would often say after hint­ing about new cook­ware, a pot is a pot, a skil­let is a skil­let, what we have is good enough.

Sue loved look­ing at the Big Box store kitchen dis­plays, get­ting ideas and hint­ing to Tom she want­ed a new kitchen. Tom would look at her blankly and Sue under­stood he didn’t get it. Sue often thought of her favourite chefs on tele­vi­sion and won­dered if their kitchens came from a Big Box store or had them cus­tom designed for their unique needs. Come to think of it, Sue thought, the kitchens on tele­vi­sion look dif­fer­ent, bet­ter even.

Sue remem­bered the day when she went for it, ner­vous­ly ordered the real pro­fes­sion­al cook­ware online from the spe­cial­ty gourmet cook­ing shop cost­ing many more times what she has ever spent . Sue con­fess­es the debate should I or shouldn’t I raged on in her mind for days because she nev­er spends mon­ey on what she real­ly wants, even though she can afford it. Tom has a garage full of toys, his man cave, where the guys hang out smok­ing their cig­ars and drink­ing beer. The garage par­ties, prepar­ing the snacks and good­ies for the guys, some who real­ly appre­ci­at­ed Sues skill and efforts in prepar­ing tasty, fin­ger lick­ing treats.

Sue’s cook­ware is used dai­ly, it’s all she ever knew — you know what you know — and nev­er had any­thing to com­pare it to. Sue found her­self think­ing, there must be a rea­son why the Chefs use what they use. The kitchens and cen­ter islands were beau­ti­ful espe­cial­ly the sinks mak­ing life in the kitchen a real joy.

The cook­ware arrived, the box was big and heavy. With the excite­ment of a child on Christ­mas morn­ing, Sue opened the box, eye­ing the con­tents like a pirate peer­ing into his gold filled loot trea­sure chest. To her amaze­ment the lids were heavy and sol­id ring­ing like a church bell when tapped. The pots were thick and weighty. If some­one ever told Sue what a dif­fer­ence real pro­fes­sion­al cook­ware will make she would have dis­missed it in dis­be­lief attribut­ing it to over zeal­ous enthu­si­asm.

What a dif­fer­ence the cook­ware made to the point of sheer amaze­ment every time she used it. What was even more amaz­ing was how lit­tle heat they required, the even cook­ing, nev­er hav­ing a boil-over and most of all, how easy they were to clean.

Next came a San­toku Knife ordered online from the same gourmet cook­ing site. The knife she had was okay, it was part of a set from the same peo­ple who made her favorite black counter top stand mix­er, until the WUSTHOF San­toku arrived. Not under­stand­ing the dif­fer­ence between an inex­pen­sive knife to a high qual­i­ty one, every­thing she thought she knew about knives went out the win­dow. Until now there was noth­ing to com­pare to. The seeds of change were plant­ed. The com­par­i­son between the two knives was amaz­ing. Sue knew she made the right choice.

Search­ing online for cus­tom design kitchen ren­o­va­tions, she dis­cov­ered TR DESIGN CENTRE, the kitchens she saw struck a cord deep with­in her soul, it was love a first sight. Tin­gles of excite­ment flut­tered through her body. She could see her­self work­ing in her new kitchen, doing what she loves, how won­der­ful it will be.

Her jour­ney on the road to enlight­en­ment start­ed with the pro­fes­sion­al pur­chas­es, real life chang­ers, now she want­ed a qual­i­ty kitchen rather than mak­ing due.

Walk­ing into the TR DESIGN CENTRE show­room Sue stud­ied all of the kitchen eye-can­dy with excite­ment. Look at the stain­less steel sinks, she thought, what a dif­fer­ence to what she is accus­tomed to, shiv­ers of excite­ment race down her spine.

The kids are grown Sue thought, she has made due, putting the needs and wants of oth­ers before hers, the dogs of time are gnaw­ing on her bones, now it is time for her needs and wants.

Sue met Tere­sa, the TR DESIGN CENTRE Man­ag­er, a won­der­ful knowl­edge­able and help­ful lady, say­ing how ter­rif­ic it was to have some­one who under­stood her and what she want­ed for her kitchen, a boost to her qual­i­ty of life. The kitchen cab­i­nets, sinks, coun­ter­tops, the qual­i­ty was unlike any­thing she expe­ri­enced. When ever she was in a Big Box Store with Tom, she dragged him over to look at the dis­plays. The qual­i­ty expe­ri­ences taught her to see through new eyes, real­iz­ing a cus­tom designed kitchen by TR DESIGN CENTRE allowed her to have the kitchen of her dreams.

Tom had his truck, you know the one, the macho machine, the exten­sion of man­li­ness, the ATV, the Bass Boat with the big motor, the water skim­ming wedge, not my idea of a good time Sue thought. Give my a kitchen heav­en any day. Think­ing about how high the truck is over sur­round­ing traf­fic, Sue thought, she likes the pow­er she felt, a petite gal man han­dling such a large four wheel dive macho machine.

Think­ing about how much she loves her kitchen, the immense sat­is­fac­tion she derives hav­ing the girls over with chat­ter always focus­ing on her mas­ter­ful cre­ations and atten­tion to details. Tom she thought, I want a new kitchen and I know exact­ly where I am going to get it.

Tom relent­ed, he knew his argu­ment for not hav­ing the kitchen Sue want­ed was from a posi­tion of not under­stand­ing what was true and dear to Sue’s heart. Review­ing the kitchen lay­out, Sues heat soared with each part of the kitchen com­ing to life as illus­trat­ed by Len DeKon­ing in the TR DESIGN CENTRE office. Tom’s flip­pant joke about buy­ing a new truck for the same amount of mon­ey went over like a lead bal­loon, deaf­en­ing silence filled the room, Sue’s glar­ing eyes of ice looked into his, now search­ing the depths of his soul. As far as Tom was con­cerned he couldn’t care less about the kitchen, the work­shop full of toys was his pri­or­i­ty. Week­ends on the water with the boys in his Bass Boat is where it’s at.

Sue was right, she loved her cook­ing, that was her pas­sion and TR DESIGN CENTRE was Sue’s first choice because she under­stood qual­i­ty and the joy it brings. Besides all of Tom’s toys were an expense, and Sue knew her cus­tom kitchen no only increased the val­ue of their home but enriched the qual­i­ty of Sue’s lifestyle, a plea­sure to behold and expe­ri­ence.

Sue’s sim­mer­ing secret resent­ment, the ten­sion she har­bored was gone, the good life is sweet­er than she ever imag­ined. Thank you T.R. DESIGN CENTRE for bring­ing life back into my home, I have nev­er been hap­pi­er, feel­ing a life restored Sue thought, now she knows what the Mas­ter Chefs know, the lit­tle thing real­ly do mat­ter. The get buys nev­er do.

It’s the silence between the notes…
…that makes the music.”

The TR DESIGN CENTRE kitchen was tru­ly enchant­i­ng to Sue, the kitchen of her dreams mag­i­cal­ly trans­form­ing before her eyes. She has nev­er been hap­pi­er.

Life is good she thought. Let’s see, where is the culi­nary mag­ic car­pet going to take me today ? Like the mag­i­cal car­pet in the Ara­bi­an Nights, tan­gu” she chant­ed with a smile and a wink !