Kitchen Upgrades – A Woman’s Perspective

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Kitchen Upgrades – A Woman’s Perspective

Tom and Sue are looking for a new kitchen, rather Sue is as she loves the kitchen, especially preparing fine foods for the family. Cooking gives a great deal of satisfaction and Foodie programs on television are a favourite pastime. Many dishes prepared by master chefs end up on the table, a feast to behold.

Sue discovered how wonderful real professional cookware was compared to her “professional cookware” from the Big Box Hardware and Automotive Supply Store Sue often accompanied Tom to. Tom would often say after hinting about new cookware, a pot is a pot, a skillet is a skillet, what we have is good enough.

Sue loved looking at the Big Box store kitchen displays, getting ideas and hinting to Tom she wanted a new kitchen. Tom would look at her blankly and Sue understood he didn’t get it. Sue often thought of her favourite chefs on television and wondered if their kitchens came from a Big Box store or had them custom designed for their unique needs. Come to think of it, Sue thought, the kitchens on television look different, better even.

Sue remembered the day when she went for it, nervously ordered the real professional cookware online from the specialty gourmet cooking shop costing many more times what she has ever spent . Sue confesses the debate should I or shouldn’t I raged on in her mind for days because she never spends money on what she really wants, even though she can afford it. Tom has a garage full of toys, his man cave, where the guys hang out smoking their cigars and drinking beer. The garage parties, preparing the snacks and goodies for the guys, some who really appreciated Sues skill and efforts in preparing tasty, finger licking treats.

Sue’s cookware is used daily, it’s all she ever knew—you know what you know—and never had anything to compare it to. Sue found herself thinking, there must be a reason why the Chefs use what they use. The kitchens and center islands were beautiful especially the sinks making life in the kitchen a real joy.

The cookware arrived, the box was big and heavy. With the excitement of a child on Christmas morning, Sue opened the box, eyeing the contents like a pirate peering into his gold filled loot treasure chest. To her amazement the lids were heavy and solid ringing like a church bell when tapped. The pots were thick and weighty. If someone ever told Sue what a difference real professional cookware will make she would have dismissed it in disbelief attributing it to over zealous enthusiasm.

What a difference the cookware made to the point of sheer amazement every time she used it. What was even more amazing was how little heat they required, the even cooking, never having a boil-over and most of all, how easy they were to clean.

Next came a Santoku Knife ordered online from the same gourmet cooking site. The knife she had was okay, it was part of a set from the same people who made her favorite black counter top stand mixer, until the WUSTHOF Santoku arrived. Not understanding the difference between an inexpensive knife to a high quality one, everything she thought she knew about knives went out the window. Until now there was nothing to compare to. The seeds of change were planted. The comparison between the two knives was amazing. Sue knew she made the right choice.

Searching online for custom design kitchen renovations, she discovered TR DESIGN CENTRE, the kitchens she saw struck a cord deep within her soul, it was love a first sight. Tingles of excitement fluttered through her body. She could see herself working in her new kitchen, doing what she loves, how wonderful it will be.

Her journey on the road to enlightenment started with the professional purchases, real life changers, now she wanted a quality kitchen rather than making due.

Walking into the TR DESIGN CENTRE showroom Sue studied all of the kitchen eye-candy with excitement. Look at the stainless steel sinks, she thought, what a difference to what she is accustomed to, shivers of excitement race down her spine.

The kids are grown Sue thought, she has made due, putting the needs and wants of others before hers, the dogs of time are gnawing on her bones, now it is time for her needs and wants.

Sue met Teresa, the TR DESIGN CENTRE Manager, a wonderful knowledgeable and helpful lady, saying how terrific it was to have someone who understood her and what she wanted for her kitchen, a boost to her quality of life. The kitchen cabinets, sinks, countertops, the quality was unlike anything she experienced. When ever she was in a Big Box Store with Tom, she dragged him over to look at the displays. The quality experiences taught her to see through new eyes, realizing a custom designed kitchen by TR DESIGN CENTRE allowed her to have the kitchen of her dreams.

Tom had his truck, you know the one, the macho machine, the extension of manliness, the ATV, the Bass Boat with the big motor, the water skimming wedge, not my idea of a good time Sue thought. Give my a kitchen heaven any day. Thinking about how high the truck is over surrounding traffic, Sue thought, she likes the power she felt, a petite gal man handling such a large four wheel dive macho machine.

Thinking about how much she loves her kitchen, the immense satisfaction she derives having the girls over with chatter always focusing on her masterful creations and attention to details. Tom she thought, I want a new kitchen and I know exactly where I am going to get it.

Tom relented, he knew his argument for not having the kitchen Sue wanted was from a position of not understanding what was true and dear to Sue’s heart. Reviewing the kitchen layout, Sues heat soared with each part of the kitchen coming to life as illustrated by Len DeKoning in the TR DESIGN CENTRE office. Tom’s flippant joke about buying a new truck for the same amount of money went over like a lead balloon, deafening silence filled the room, Sue’s glaring eyes of ice looked into his, now searching the depths of his soul. As far as Tom was concerned he couldn’t care less about the kitchen, the workshop full of toys was his priority. Weekends on the water with the boys in his Bass Boat is where it’s at.

Sue was right, she loved her cooking, that was her passion and TR DESIGN CENTRE was Sue’s first choice because she understood quality and the joy it brings. Besides all of Tom’s toys were an expense, and Sue knew her custom kitchen no only increased the value of their home but enriched the quality of Sue’s lifestyle, a pleasure to behold and experience.

Sue’s simmering secret resentment, the tension she harbored was gone, the good life is sweeter than she ever imagined. Thank you T.R. DESIGN CENTRE for bringing life back into my home, I have never been happier, feeling a life restored Sue thought, now she knows what the Master Chefs know, the little thing really do matter. The get buys never do.

“It’s the silence between the notes…
…that makes the music.”

The TR DESIGN CENTRE kitchen was truly enchanting to Sue, the kitchen of her dreams magically transforming before her eyes. She has never been happier.

Life is good she thought. Let’s see, where is the culinary magic carpet going to take me today? Like the magical carpet in the Arabian Nights, “tangu” she chanted with a smile and a wink!