DIY Kitchen Nightmares


Kitchen Renovations Gone Wrong

DIY Kitchen Nightmares

A true story of pain and suffering, a DIY kitchen renovation gone wrong.

Once upon a time in a small quaint com­mu­ni­ty lived Bob and Jane, a mod­ern work­ing cou­ple, edu­cat­ed with pro­fes­sion­al jobs liv­ing in a mod­ern con­tem­po­rary, design upscale home. You know the cou­ple, every neigh­bour­hood has them, with the SUV and high-end for­eign sports Sedan.

Bob and Jane want­ed to ren­o­vate their kitchen, some­thing to refresh the basic vanil­la’ kitchen installed by the builder. Research­ing online for a rep­utable Cus­tom Kitchen Design­er, T.R. DESIGN CENTRE was cho­sen for qual­i­ty and excel­lence of design. Len DeKon­ing the design­er of notable tal­ent craft­ed a dream kitchen, pro­duced an award win­ning design to not only fit their lifestyle, but in enhance their qual­i­ty of liv­ing and increase the val­ue of their home.

Ren­o­vat­ing a kitchen is an involved project, plan­ning, sur­vey­ing the job site, mea­sur­ing, antic­i­pat­ing adjust­ments or changes, sur­pris­es, you know, the Pop Goes The Weasel thing, wiring, plumb­ing, dry­wall, mud­ding, sand­ing, paint­ing, floor­ing any struc­tur­al ren­o­va­tions, cab­i­net design, counter top, faucets, qual­i­ty stain­less steel sinks (not all sinks are cre­at­ed equal), spe­cial­ty sinks, work­ing with trim, pre­ci­sion fit­ting, han­dling mar­ble, or stone, work­ing with sup­pli­ers and skilled trades­men, cus­tom pieces, kitchen hard­ware, it’s not a job for a lay­man or faint at heart DIY.

What Bob failed to con­sid­er after being seduced by the kitchen sirens is the pre­lim­i­nary step almost every­one over­looks, the tear down and the tear out, removal and pro­fes­sion­al clean up and pre­cau­tions to reduce dust and liv­ing inter­rup­tions.

Bob is a clever fel­low and decid­ed to put off the kitchen until his nature was sat­is­fied with fur­ther research in the DIY Big Box stores. With a col­lec­tion of pow­er tools giv­ing a false sense of con­fi­dence Bob decid­ed to save some mon­ey and pur­chase the almost the same look” and almost as good qual­i­ty” to do it him­self. Jane reluc­tant­ly agreed after Bob assured her he could do it quick­ly and just as good as a pro­fes­sion­al. Besides, look at the mon­ey they would save.

The sweet taste of suc­cess, out maneu­ver­ing the pro­fes­sion­al with an almost as good plan, with an almost as good look, that’s what the Big Box Store sales­man said — the part timer work­ing evenings and week­ends — the excite­ment short lived, the kitchen can­dy quick­ly turn­ing bit­ter in their mouth.

The DIY night­mare spec­tre arrived with the crat­ed cab­i­nets now wait­ing in their garage.The mar­ble counter top drift­ed in inde­ci­sive space because the colour could,t be agreed upon. Bob com­ment­ed on how heavy the mar­ble coun­ter­top was not­ing how it was deliv­ered with a lift.

The per­fect DIY kitchen plan start­ed to unrav­el quick­ly for Bob real­ized he couldn’t man­age the cab­i­nets him­self, let alone man­han­dle the mar­ble coun­ter­top. Wait, what about the back splash, Bob for got all about it.

Every­one has a plan until they are punched in the face.” —Mike Tyson

No prob­lem, with ten­sion ris­ing with­in Jane, off they went to decide on the back splash. Wait a minute, what screws and fas­ten­ers are required, what about adhesives…huh, nev­er thought of that. Let’s see they are over in hard­ware, the kid work­ing there will know what I need, wouldn’t they ?

Bob’s and Jane’s quick­ly real­ized friends and fam­i­ly had a life of their own, with offers of help wan­ing quick­ly as the ren­o­va­tion storm clouds formed on the hori­zon.

The ear­ly morn­ing aro­ma of fresh­ly brewed trou­ble spurt­ed out of the cof­fee machine in the debris filled kitchen, rem­i­nis­cent of house to house fight­ing right out of a war movie scene, while morn­ing ten­sions stirred the cof­fee.

The beer and piz­za week­end with the guys didn’t go so well. More dam­age was cre­at­ed than the good will offered. The walls out to the garage are now scraped, that’s okay, the holes can be filled in after, then it can be paint­ed. Wait, the dump­ster was for­got­ten, the garage is full and the vehi­cles need to be parked out­side. Jane’s SUV front left front tire is flat, the screw head vis­i­ble in the tread, prob­a­bly from the week­end with the guys. Bob’s dream kitchen struck an ice­berg and was now tak­ing on water, his DIY ren­o­va­tion ship list­ing to one side. Oh ! Great ! The kitchen tile floor cracked and sec­tions are now loose. The first cab­i­net doesn’t fit, tiles need to be cut. What about the bulk­heads and light­ing, Bob nev­er con­sid­ered that.

In nau­ti­cal prose,“red sky in morn, sailor take warn”, a storm front was mov­ing in fast, frayed nerves, dis­rupt­ed lifestyle, exhaus­tion com­pound­ed the weight of the next step deci­sion, stress increas­ing with every step along the way. Work­ing on week­ends and evenings in rough seas had a break­ing point.

The emo­tion­al seas were pro­duc­ing giant swells, and true to form, a moun­tain­ous rogue wave rose up from the depths, all the posi­tion­ing, manoeu­vring and dam­age con­trol could not pre­vent the wave that washed over them, sweep­ing Jane away.

Regret­tably this sto­ry end­ed in tears, it was not have a hap­py end­ing, nor did they walk into the sun­set hand in hand. The kitchen spec­tre con­sumed all dur­ing its lifes­pan of eight months in stormy con­di­tions.

Who knows what goes on behind closed doors, but when it came to the DIY kitchen ren­o­va­tion, what was to be joy, the sweet tast­ing nec­tar of the good life turned to ash in their mouth.

Lets rework this true sto­ry in an alter­nate uni­verse. Bob and Jane con­tract­ed TR DESIGN CENTRE fol­low­ing Len DeKoning’s pro­fes­sion­al rec­om­men­da­tions and superla­tive design style, fate rang the door bell with the TR DESIGN CENTRE pro­fes­sion­al crew ready to mag­i­cal­ly trans­form the kitchen into a new won­der­land, some­thing to be proud of. With­in a short peri­od, hav­ing a usable kitchen in the process, the job is com­plete and the morn­ing cof­fee aro­ma nev­er smelling bet­ter, sweet­ened to taste.

An ounce of pre­ven­tion is worth a ton of cure, con­tact T.R. DESIGN CENTRE for a kitchen you deserve, bet­ter liv­ing to add joy to your life.

T.R. Design Cen­tre supe­ri­or kitchens, expe­ri­ence qual­i­ty.

Edi­tors Note. Bob, you know who you are, the next time you ren­o­vate your kitchen, get your­self out of your way and allow a pro­fes­sion­al to quick­ly final­ize the project. Bob, your would per­form a tra­cheoto­my on a chok­ing friend with a knife and a straw because you remem­ber watch­ing a YouTube video and read a blog about it, would you ? After all, a lit­tle knowl­edge is dan­ger­ous. How much do you val­ue peace in the house ? What is it worth to you ?

Come on in and vis­it the friend­ly staff at T.R. DESIGN CENTRE. Meet Tere­sa the Office man­ag­er, a knowl­edge­able and help­ful resource, a great friend to have along the way. Len DeKon­ing is the design guru,a mas­ter at cre­at­ing kitchens for every lifestyle includ­ing the rich and famous.

We wel­come you to our fam­i­ly of hap­py and sat­is­fied cus­tomers.