DIY Kitchen Nightmares


Kitchen Renovations Gone Wrong

DIY Kitchen Nightmares

A true story of pain and suffering, a DIY kitchen renovation gone wrong.

Once upon a time in a small quaint community lived Bob and Jane, a modern working couple, educated with professional jobs living in a modern contemporary, design upscale home. You know the couple, every neighbourhood has them, with the SUV and high-end foreign sports Sedan.

Bob and Jane wanted to renovate their kitchen, something to refresh the basic ‘vanilla’ kitchen installed by the builder. Researching online for a reputable Custom Kitchen Designer, T.R. DESIGN CENTRE was chosen for quality and excellence of design. Len DeKoning the designer of notable talent crafted a dream kitchen, produced an award winning design to not only fit their lifestyle, but in enhance their quality of living and increase the value of their home.

Renovating a kitchen is an involved project, planning, surveying the job site, measuring, anticipating adjustments or changes, surprises, you know, the Pop Goes The Weasel thing, wiring, plumbing, drywall, mudding, sanding, painting, flooring any structural renovations, cabinet design, counter top, faucets, quality stainless steel sinks (not all sinks are created equal), specialty sinks, working with trim, precision fitting, handling marble, or stone, working with suppliers and skilled tradesmen, custom pieces, kitchen hardware, it’s not a job for a layman or faint at heart DIY.

What Bob failed to consider after being seduced by the kitchen sirens is the preliminary step almost everyone overlooks, the tear down and the tear out, removal and professional clean up and precautions to reduce dust and living interruptions.

Bob is a clever fellow and decided to put off the kitchen until his nature was satisfied with further research in the DIY Big Box stores. With a collection of power tools giving a false sense of confidence Bob decided to save some money and purchase the “almost the same look” and “almost as good quality” to do it himself. Jane reluctantly agreed after Bob assured her he could do it quickly and just as good as a professional. Besides, look at the money they would save.

The sweet taste of success, out maneuvering the professional with an almost as good plan, with an almost as good look, that’s what the Big Box Store salesman said—the part timer working evenings and weekends—the excitement short lived, the kitchen candy quickly turning bitter in their mouth.

The DIY nightmare spectre arrived with the crated cabinets now waiting in their garage.The marble counter top drifted in indecisive space because the colour could,t be agreed upon. Bob commented on how heavy the marble countertop was noting how it was delivered with a lift.

The perfect DIY kitchen plan started to unravel quickly for Bob realized he couldn’t manage the cabinets himself, let alone manhandle the marble countertop. Wait, what about the back splash, Bob for got all about it.

“Everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face.” —Mike Tyson

No problem, with tension rising within Jane, off they went to decide on the back splash. Wait a minute, what screws and fasteners are required, what about adhesives…huh, never thought of that. Let’s see they are over in hardware, the kid working there will know what I need, wouldn’t they?

Bob’s and Jane’s quickly realized friends and family had a life of their own, with offers of help waning quickly as the renovation storm clouds formed on the horizon.

The early morning aroma of freshly brewed trouble spurted out of the coffee machine in the debris filled kitchen, reminiscent of house to house fighting right out of a war movie scene, while morning tensions stirred the coffee.

The beer and pizza weekend with the guys didn’t go so well. More damage was created than the good will offered. The walls out to the garage are now scraped, that’s okay, the holes can be filled in after, then it can be painted. Wait, the dumpster was forgotten, the garage is full and the vehicles need to be parked outside. Jane’s SUV front left front tire is flat, the screw head visible in the tread, probably from the weekend with the guys. Bob’s dream kitchen struck an iceberg and was now taking on water, his DIY renovation ship listing to one side. Oh! Great! The kitchen tile floor cracked and sections are now loose. The first cabinet doesn’t fit, tiles need to be cut. What about the bulkheads and lighting, Bob never considered that.

In nautical prose,“red sky in morn, sailor take warn”, a storm front was moving in fast, frayed nerves, disrupted lifestyle, exhaustion compounded the weight of the next step decision, stress increasing with every step along the way. Working on weekends and evenings in rough seas had a breaking point.

The emotional seas were producing giant swells, and true to form, a mountainous rogue wave rose up from the depths, all the positioning, manoeuvring and damage control could not prevent the wave that washed over them, sweeping Jane away.

Regrettably this story ended in tears, it was not have a happy ending, nor did they walk into the sunset hand in hand. The kitchen spectre consumed all during its lifespan of eight months in stormy conditions.

Who knows what goes on behind closed doors, but when it came to the DIY kitchen renovation, what was to be joy, the sweet tasting nectar of the good life turned to ash in their mouth.

Lets rework this true story in an alternate universe. Bob and Jane contracted TR DESIGN CENTRE following Len DeKoning’s professional recommendations and superlative design style, fate rang the door bell with the TR DESIGN CENTRE professional crew ready to magically transform the kitchen into a new wonderland, something to be proud of. Within a short period, having a usable kitchen in the process, the job is complete and the morning coffee aroma never smelling better, sweetened to taste.

An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure, contact T.R. DESIGN CENTRE for a kitchen you deserve, better living to add joy to your life.

T.R. Design Centre superior kitchens, experience quality.

Editors Note. Bob, you know who you are, the next time you renovate your kitchen, get yourself out of your way and allow a professional to quickly finalize the project. Bob, your would perform a tracheotomy on a choking friend with a knife and a straw because you remember watching a YouTube video and read a blog about it, would you? After all, a little knowledge is dangerous. How much do you value peace in the house? What is it worth to you?

Come on in and visit the friendly staff at T.R. DESIGN CENTRE. Meet Teresa the Office manager, a knowledgeable and helpful resource, a great friend to have along the way. Len DeKoning is the design guru,a master at creating kitchens for every lifestyle including the rich and famous.

We welcome you to our family of happy and satisfied customers.