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Home Staging Tips | Sell Your Home

Prepar­ing your house for sell­ing can be a daunt­ing and over­whelm­ing task whether you have lived in your home a few years or many. The longer you have lived in your home the more things you will have acquired. The intent of this Top 10 Tips for Suc­cess­ful Home Stag­ing is to help you save TIME, MONEY and ENERGY.

In prepar­ing your house for sell­ing you need to take a step back and have the mind set that this is no longer your home but your invest­ment for your future. You want your home to have broad buy­er appeal to your tar­get mar­ket. Fol­low­ing these 10 Tips for Suc­cess­ful Home Stag­ing will help you sell your house soon­er and pos­si­bly for more mon­ey than if you did not pre­pare it for sell­ing ! Remem­ber most peo­ple want to move into their new home with­out hav­ing to make updates to it.

1. Curb Appeal

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Stand back and view your home as if you were see­ing it for the first time. This is the first impres­sion’ stage. Depend­ing on the sea­son you may want to have pots of colour­ful and attrac­tive flow­ers to greet buy­ers ; a clean and invit­ing door mat ; new and shiny door han­dles and/​or knock­ers ; a fresh­ly paint­ed door.

2. Declutter

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Start your pre-pack as soon as pos­si­ble. You need to decide what you are going to keep, give away, sell or throw away/​recycle. Many clients will rent stor­age lock­ers or have pods deliv­ered so they can start to clear out what is not going to make the house look good.

3. Clean

You would think this one is com­mon sense but let me assure you, I wish it was so ! A clean home trans­lates into They must have real­ly cared for their home.” Use envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly clean­ers where you can, for hard clean­ing areas tsp is a good prod­uct. Bath­rooms and kitchens must be sparkling clean at the very least.

4. Depersonalize

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We know you love your fam­i­ly pho­tos and your per­son­al trea­sures and for liv­ing they are per­fect. For sell­ing pack them up care­ful­ly so you can show­case them in your new home. For sell­ing you want buy­ers to focus on the best fea­tures of your home and not your per­son­al things or col­lec­tions.

5. A neutral colour scheme is the way to go for selling.

Choose only 3 colours or less to paint your house for sell­ing. If you have an open floor plan then paint the main floor all the same colour. Bed­rooms look good in light sage greens or warm blues like the new aqua.

6. Highlight your home’s best architectural features

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Place your fur­ni­ture in each room so that you have very obvi­ous focal points that show off the home’s best sell­ing fea­tures. For exam­ple, if you have a beau­ti­ful fire­place then place the fur­ni­ture in a par­al­lel group­ing so that the eye is drawn to the fire­place.

7. Decide on the function in each room

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If you were using your guest bed­room as your den for liv­ing, for sell­ing turn it back into a bed­room with bed­room fur­ni­ture in it. If you do not have the right fur­ni­ture for each room con­sid­er rent­ing it. There are more and more rental fur­nish­ing com­pa­nies open­ing up every day. If you don’t want to rent then bor­row.

8. Lighting your home to its best advantage

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Spend mon­ey on new light fix­tures in brushed nick­el or stain­less steel. Brass is out so don’t fight it. There are many low-cost light­ing stores to select from so no excus­es for hav­ing dat­ed light fix­tures.

9. Window treatments that sell your home

The most pop­u­lar on the mar­ket are the 2” faux woods in a white tone to go with your trim. Dec­o­ra­tive side pan­els will do the trick if you need to add warmth and colour.

10. Flooring needs special attention and is a good investment for updating the look of your home

REMAX-Home-Staging-Tips (7)Tile or linoleum is great for entrance­ways, bath­rooms, kitchens, laun­dry rooms ; a good qual­i­ty lam­i­nate or hard­wood is per­fect for liv­ing rooms and fam­i­ly rooms ; bed­rooms are attrac­tive in a neu­tral car­pet.

By plan­ning and bud­get­ing you can get your­self to the OPEN HOUSE READY” stage.

Remem­ber that over 79% of prospec­tive buy­ers have already checked you out through the MLS list­ings. Will they like what they see ?

Hap­py Sell­ing !