Echos of Yesteryear

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Echos of Yesteryear

The Forgotten

Forsaken Castles & Mansions

Entering the room midway to stand motionless in melancholy silence the air fills with charged whispers from the past, voices on the wind, chilling breaths from the past tingles down the spine.

Listening hard the wind faintly carries the echos of yesteryear,

conversations reaching out from times gone by.

Stop and empty your mind and feel the floors, walls and ceilings with your spirit and soul. The room fills with electric energy, a buzz with life lived and no longer seen, an imprint in passing time.

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by Andre Govia

The first book by worldwide Urbex pioneer Andre Govia brings you the definitive document of cinematic abandoned photography. Having explored over 800 individual locations Andre takes us on a journey behind the facade of abandoned buildings to discover the hauntingly beautiful discoveries within. Welcome to Never Never Land… Andre Govia is a legend among urban explorers. He has taken his camera into over 22 different countries worldwide to document the Narnia of global urban decay left behind by the march of time.

Nobody better captures the haunting poetry of these spaces, as Andre leads the reader on an emotional journey through a world most will never see. Abandoned Planet brings you an epic collection of Andre Govia’s work, never before seen in print. The pathos, the magic, the profound sadness of each image invites you to contemplate not only the eventual failure of all human endeavour but also the difficult to describe, indistinct yearning for a world less civilised, a nostalgia for wild spaces – for a life less tame. Let the bittersweet melancholy of Andre Govia’s majestic photography get under your skin.