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Traveling involves two mindsets, there is, Traveling Anything Goes, and then there is, Destination Travel Wear. We are talking about the later, Destination Travel Wear.

We can never undo a first impression. Let’s explore this thinking. Taking two examples, the first, a person dressed shabbily, mismatched, uncoordinated and messy, the second, a stylish, coordinated together look, relaxed sophistication with an unspoken air of confidence. Who will receive the best response from everyone they meet? Who will receive preferred treatment? Who will receive more respect? Who will have the best experience? What you present to the world comes back to you like a boomerang.

For the style conscious there are ample ways to travel hassle free, travel light and enjoy beautiful combinations of style and colors enhancing your style through out your stay and at home upon your return. This is not only true for women’s fashion but for men also. Most men are dressed by their women because woman usually have a better sense of style and color. For those who are not sure, seek out the help from a fine Fashion Boutique with an eye for style, accessories and color combinations.

Travel is a great excuse to update your ward robe and treat yourself to a newer look. Often a change in clothing has a slimming effect and rolls back the years for a refined younger look. Age is an attitude!…right?


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Wanderlust is Travel Wear FashionLOVE™

A romantic get away either spontaneously boarding a Last Minute Flight to turquoise waters of the Caribbean or a romantic interlude in Bora Bora, Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, surrounded by blue Pacific Ocean waters, stretching out to the edge of an endless horizon.

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What to Wear

Destination Travel Wear is designed for destinations, light, compact for easy packing and travel well. Fabrics are light, airy and cool in sweltering, high humidity, salty air vacation spots. Comfortable and free flowing gowns make for a fun filled, enjoyable, day. Guys are well dressed in casual fare.

Carry On Luggage Must Haves

Pack your big day dress, essential toiletries, makeup, shoes, sandals bathing suit and destination wear to see you through in case something happens to the remaining luggage. Professional travellers pack light. With a couple of outfits one have have a new look on the beach each day and a change for dinner in the evening with feel great apparel. It’s easy and here is how.


Travel & Destination Wear by GAUZE2GO

Clothing is the most comfortable new addition to your wardrobe. The preshrunk cotton gauze clothing is machine washable with no ironing necessary. How easy is that!

The 100% cotton or cotton/blend garments are designed for the style-conscious woman – whether seeking a flamboyant look or something more traditional. We offer festive colors in sizes ranging from xs-3xplus.

Travel wear is suitcase friendly (yep scrunch it up), a must for carry-on. Look’in great has never been easier, sporty to smart casual, classy forgiving clothing to dress your style. Mix and matching tops, bottoms, scarfs and accessories.

Pressed for time, shop by appointment, bring your friends…all of them. We even have a man chair.

Dress your man and update his wardrobe with beach comber style shirts, pants, shirts to mix and match…bring the Robinson Crusoe out in him with classy forgiveness.

Fashion Accent Jewellery

Looking to add more pizazz to you new look? We have what you want in colours and designs to be more you. Wondering how to travel with your fashion accent jewellery? We have the answer, Shier Jewellery Pouches for compact, no scratch storage. Isolating each piece means no hassle getting ready.

Wondering about freshening up the wardrobe after a steamy day on the go? Wash in cool water and hang dry. Voilà!


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