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Trav­el­ing involves two mind­sets, there is, Trav­el­ing Any­thing Goes, and then there is, Des­ti­na­tion Trav­el Wear. We are talk­ing about the lat­er, Des­ti­na­tion Trav­el Wear.

We can nev­er undo a first impres­sion. Let’s explore this think­ing. Tak­ing two exam­ples, the first, a per­son dressed shab­bi­ly, mis­matched, unco­or­di­nat­ed and messy, the sec­ond, a styl­ish, coör­di­nat­ed togeth­er look, relaxed sophis­ti­ca­tion with an unspo­ken air of con­fi­dence. Who will receive the best response from every­one they meet ? Who will receive pre­ferred treat­ment ? Who will receive more respect ? Who will have the best expe­ri­ence ? What you present to the world comes back to you like a boomerang.

For the style con­scious there are ample ways to trav­el has­sle free, trav­el light and enjoy beau­ti­ful com­bi­na­tions of style and col­ors enhanc­ing your style through out your stay and at home upon your return. This is not only true for women’s fash­ion but for men also. Most men are dressed by their women because woman usu­al­ly have a bet­ter sense of style and col­or. For those who are not sure, seek out the help from a fine Fash­ion Bou­tique with an eye for style, acces­sories and col­or com­bi­na­tions.

Trav­el is a great excuse to update your ward robe and treat your­self to a new­er look. Often a change in cloth­ing has a slim­ming effect and rolls back the years for a refined younger look. Age is an attitude!…right ?

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Wanderlust is Travel Wear FashionLOVE™

A roman­tic get away either spon­ta­neous­ly board­ing a Last Minute Flight to turquoise waters of the Caribbean or a roman­tic inter­lude in Bora Bora, Lee­ward group of the Soci­ety Islands of French Poly­ne­sia, sur­round­ed by blue Pacif­ic Ocean waters, stretch­ing out to the edge of an end­less hori­zon.

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What to Wear

Des­ti­na­tion Trav­el Wear is designed for des­ti­na­tions, light, com­pact for easy pack­ing and trav­el well. Fab­rics are light, airy and cool in swel­ter­ing, high humid­i­ty, salty air vaca­tion spots. Com­fort­able and free flow­ing gowns make for a fun filled, enjoy­able, day. Guys are well dressed in casu­al fare.

Carry On Luggage Must Haves

Pack your big day dress, essen­tial toi­letries, make­up, shoes, san­dals bathing suit and des­ti­na­tion wear to see you through in case some­thing hap­pens to the remain­ing lug­gage. Pro­fes­sion­al trav­ellers pack light. With a cou­ple of out­fits one have have a new look on the beach each day and a change for din­ner in the evening with feel great appar­el. It’s easy and here is how.


Travel & Destination Wear by GAUZE2GO

Cloth­ing is the most com­fort­able new addi­tion to your wardrobe. The preshrunk cot­ton gauze cloth­ing is machine wash­able with no iron­ing nec­es­sary. How easy is that !

The 100% cot­ton or cotton/​blend gar­ments are designed for the style-con­scious woman – whether seek­ing a flam­boy­ant look or some­thing more tra­di­tion­al. We offer fes­tive col­ors in sizes rang­ing from xs-3xplus.

Trav­el wear is suit­case friend­ly (yep scrunch it up), a must for car­ry-on. Look’in great has nev­er been eas­i­er, sporty to smart casu­al, classy for­giv­ing cloth­ing to dress your style. Mix and match­ing tops, bot­toms, scarfs and acces­sories.

Pressed for time, shop by appoint­ment, bring your friends…all of them. We even have a man chair.

Dress your man and update his wardrobe with beach comber style shirts, pants, shirts to mix and match…bring the Robin­son Cru­soe out in him with classy for­give­ness.

Fashion Accent Jewellery

Look­ing to add more pizazz to you new look ? We have what you want in colours and designs to be more you. Won­der­ing how to trav­el with your fash­ion accent jew­ellery ? We have the answer, Shi­er Jew­ellery Pouch­es for com­pact, no scratch stor­age. Iso­lat­ing each piece means no has­sle get­ting ready.

Won­der­ing about fresh­en­ing up the wardrobe after a steamy day on the go ? Wash in cool water and hang dry. Voilà !


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