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We Have All Seen Her

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We have all seen her, you know who she is…the mysterious beauty passing along the street, the one sitting in the Cafe, her intriguing lips sipping, savouring a steaming cup of coffee, the refined woman standing across the room, beauty in motion, moving elegance strolling through the hotel lobby, a classy and confident air about her.

What about the woman standing in line at the gas bar, you have seen her, we all have, there is something about her, or the alluring woman out for a stroll through the park with her canine companion bounding about wagging its tail fervently.

What makes her stand out among countless others encountered everyday, why can we still see her in our minds eye, you know, there is something about her, the memorable one. What makes her so different from everyone else? Does she know something?

What’s The Attraction?

What about the attention from others, you know what I am talking about, the lingering look and smile, the eye chatter with approving glance, the once over from head to foot with eyes briefly resting on yours, eyes locking in the instance of time, sparkling, knowing the look of admiration, feeling it through and through, never having to think about it…knowing eyes reflecting on the windows of the soul, a vibrancy in the self-reflection found in the eye of another.

What’s That All About?

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She is a natural woman, not a fictitious, unrealistic stereotype portrayed in the media, airbrushed and transformed in Photoshop,

nor the abstract Barbie Doll figure, abnormally under weight and disproportionate. For the real world there is refined style for the natural you. For those wanting tweaks, we are the first generations to be able to define our bodies through enhancing cosmetic procedures. Real beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and forms. Beauty is an attitude, the radiant and ravishing, no longer the plain Jane…the girl next door transformed into…beautiful. What is the secret potion for such an amazing transformation? The secret is dressing to be you, not who you think you should be…what works for you.

We have all seen the studies where we have a fictitious self-image, while the world sees someone different, a better figure than we think, more natural beauty than we give our selves credit for.

What we have all seen, perhaps never recognizing it for what it is, refinement, attention to detail, subtle changes bringing out natural radiant beauty, turning back the clock. Transforming dull eyes into sparkling eyes like sun beams dancing upon water.

Wearing clothing others think you should be wearing is not where to start, nor a starting point to transform yourself from where you are, perhaps feeling dull, lackluster to feel the pulse, vibrant verve.

What Makes ‘THE’ Difference?

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Elegance Is An Attitude

It matters if one cares about their appearance, for those who want to feel better about themselves or want to elevate their status, to be taken seriously, or want more presence—to be seen, it starts with a decision. Elegance is an attitude radiating from within ones being. One can either blend in or stand out, either way, beauty is to be had with elegance, an attitude of well dressed, refined and cultured. You owe it to yourself to feel attractive, appreciated.

Whatever your mood, reserved, sensual, sexy to provocative risqué, attitude defines elegance and how the world will perceive you, most importantly, how you define yourself.

Add affordable spring to your step.

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”

Dianna Vreedlan, Editor, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue



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