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We Have All Seen Her

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We have all seen her, you know who she is…the mys­te­ri­ous beau­ty pass­ing along the street, the one sit­ting in the Café, her intrigu­ing lips sip­ping, savour­ing a steam­ing cup of cof­fee, the refined woman stand­ing across the room, beau­ty in motion, mov­ing ele­gance strolling through the hotel lob­by, a classy and con­fi­dent air about her.

What about the woman stand­ing in line at the gas bar, you have seen her, we all have, there is some­thing about her, or the allur­ing woman out for a stroll through the park with her canine com­pan­ion bound­ing about wag­ging its tail fer­vent­ly.

What makes her stand out among count­less oth­ers encoun­tered every­day, why can we still see her in our minds eye, you know, there is some­thing about her, the mem­o­rable one. What makes her so dif­fer­ent from every­one else ? Does she know some­thing ?

What’s The Attraction ?

What about the atten­tion from oth­ers, you know what I am talk­ing about, the lin­ger­ing look and smile, the eye chat­ter with approv­ing glance, the once over from head to foot with eyes briefly rest­ing on yours, eyes lock­ing in the instance of time, sparkling, know­ing the look of admi­ra­tion, feel­ing it through and through, nev­er hav­ing to think about it…knowing eyes reflect­ing on the win­dows of the soul, a vibran­cy in the self-reflec­tion found in the eye of anoth­er.

What’s That All About ?

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She is a nat­ur­al woman, not a fic­ti­tious, unre­al­is­tic stereo­type por­trayed in the media, air­brushed and trans­formed in Pho­to­shop,

nor the abstract Bar­bie Doll fig­ure, abnor­mal­ly under weight and dis­pro­por­tion­ate. For the real world there is refined style for the nat­ur­al you. For those want­i­ng tweaks, we are the first gen­er­a­tions to be able to define our bod­ies through enhanc­ing cos­met­ic pro­ce­dures. Real beau­ty comes in all sizes, shapes and forms. Beau­ty is an atti­tude, the radi­ant and rav­ish­ing, no longer the plain Jane…the girl next door trans­formed into…beautiful. What is the secret potion for such an amaz­ing trans­for­ma­tion ? The secret is dress­ing to be you, not who you think you should be…what works for you.

We have all seen the stud­ies where we have a fic­ti­tious self-image, while the world sees some­one dif­fer­ent, a bet­ter fig­ure than we think, more nat­ur­al beau­ty than we give our selves cred­it for.

What we have all seen, per­haps nev­er rec­og­niz­ing it for what it is, refine­ment, atten­tion to detail, sub­tle changes bring­ing out nat­ur­al radi­ant beau­ty, turn­ing back the clock. Trans­form­ing dull eyes into sparkling eyes like sun beams danc­ing upon water.

Wear­ing cloth­ing oth­ers think you should be wear­ing is not where to start, nor a start­ing point to trans­form your­self from where you are, per­haps feel­ing dull, lack­lus­ter to feel the pulse, vibrant verve.

What Makes THE’ Difference ?

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Ele­gance Is An Atti­tude

It mat­ters if one cares about their appear­ance, for those who want to feel bet­ter about them­selves or want to ele­vate their sta­tus, to be tak­en seri­ous­ly, or want more pres­ence — to be seen, it starts with a deci­sion. Ele­gance is an atti­tude radi­at­ing from with­in ones being. One can either blend in or stand out, either way, beau­ty is to be had with ele­gance, an atti­tude of well dressed, refined and cul­tured. You owe it to your­self to feel attrac­tive, appre­ci­at­ed.

What­ev­er your mood, reserved, sen­su­al, sexy to provoca­tive risqué, atti­tude defines ele­gance and how the world will per­ceive you, most impor­tant­ly, how you define your­self.

Add afford­able spring to your step.

The only real ele­gance is in the mind ; if you’ve got that, the rest real­ly comes from it.”

Dian­na Vreed­lan, Edi­tor, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue


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