Better Gifts For Men

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Better Gifts For Men

Men come in all shapes and sizes, rich man and poor man alike, were once lit­tle boys play­ing with friends with toys of all descrip­tions. Life changes peo­ple as age gives way to roles and respon­si­bil­i­ties. Lit­tle boys are now men, fathers, sol­diers, broth­ers and hus­bands. Some are more suc­cess­ful then oth­ers, per­haps more oppor­tu­ni­ties or breaks in life, nev­er­the­less all men are still lit­tle boys with­in. Search hard and long enough and you will find the lit­tle boy in there some­where.

Push­ing aside all of the male brava­do, testos­terone dri­ven con­quests to prove one’s self, most men will cher­ish a mean­ing­ful gift of qual­i­ty designed to last. Let’s look at gifts that will tru­ly make their life bet­ter, some­thing that says hey look at me, I am not the aver­age guy, I’m some one spe­cial.”

Give the man in your life a guy toy” or fash­ion state­ment” to say, hey you are impor­tant to me and a spe­cial part of my life.” Many times the small things are the most impor­tant, last­ing a life time. Guy toys come in all shapes and sizes and for today’s top­ic we will focus on state­ment items.’

Let’s break it down into cat­e­gories from groom­ing to out­ward appear­ance for com­mu­ni­cat­ing to the out­side world, per­son­al state­ment mak­ers.

Personal Grooming


Some­where in the male psy­che is an idea that prop­er skin care is not macho, it’s a woman’s thing, and guys with such beliefs are so wrong. Take a look in the mir­ror and star­ing back at you one day is a pre­ma­ture wrin­kled old face, reflect­ed won­der­ment, puz­zled, where did youth go ?

Roll back the clock, make it hard for peo­ple to guess your age, feel the inner pride of them guess­ing your age ten to twen­ty years younger. The Clooney Effect” is a good exam­ple of per­son­al care and youth­ful­ness.

Dis­cov­er Youth­ful­ness

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The best six doc­tors any­where and no one can deny it, are sun­shine, water, rest, and air exer­cise and diet. These six will glad­ly you attend If only you are will­ing. Your mind they’ll ease, your will they’ll mend, and charge you not a shilling.”Nurs­ery rhyme quot­ed by Wayne Fields, What the Riv­er Knows, 1990

Look Refreshed & Invigorated

Check out this ultra­son­ic device for a bet­ter shave and anti-aging. The LUNA™ for MEN pro­vides deep-cleans­ing that gen­tly dri­ves out the skin’s impu­ri­ties to not only pro­tect the face’s mois­ture bar­ri­er, but help pre­vent razor burn and oth­er irri­ta­tions. Plus, low­er-fre­quen­cy pul­sa­tions reduce the vis­i­bil­i­ty of fine lines and wrin­kles to keep the skin look­ing youth­ful – so as far as per­son­al groom­ing goes, FOREO’s got you cov­ered.


Dis­cov­er Youth­ful­ness