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Bag The Look Of Success
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Say what you want to say without saying it.

CityLifeStyle Men's Fashion Jack The Gladstone Bag By BearaBeara

Jack The Gladstone Bag

This old-school style Gladstone bag is handmade from robust leather. Featuring one main padded compartment and a small inner zip pocket for valuables. This is quite simply an epic bag with a very distinctive look.

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Get Serious

Okay guys, lets get serious about our looks, especially our accessories that have a voice louder than our own. What do you mean, a voice you ask? Let’s talk about appearances, outward impressions, a physical form occupying space that speaks louder than than dialogue in the meeting. It’s what you put on the table other than your offer, it’s what occupies the chair beside you, larger than life, a silent and powerful influencer speaking volumes about you.


Doctor’s Bag Style Satchel

CityLifeStyle Doctor's Bag Style Satchel Gordon Brown Beara Beara

Yeah, okay I bite, where is this going? There are two types of guys, those who work a job, have a pay day at the end of the week and wonder what happened in the meeting when they didn’t get the sale or close the deal. The other guy makes things happen, he is the go-getter, ambitious sales professional, marketer, self-employed freelancer or entrepreneur.

There are those with style and finesse and those who think they do. This is about those who know they have style and finesse. Those in the money.

CityLifeStyle El Dorado Beara Beara


This old-school style satchel is handmade from beautiful, robust natural leather. The satchel will hold its form however will soften nicely over time. Designed to carry large folders and 15inch laptops. Includes a soft inner lining, a smaller pocket on the front perfect for chargers or books and a zip pocket on the back gives you quick access to your wallet and mobile phone.

Sized Large, Medium Double, Medium Single and Small.

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What Makes The Difference?

Two guys walk into a meeting with a new potential client, the client subconsciously has bought within eight seconds (1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008—decided) and has yet to pay. What the client pays is up to your negotiation skills and perceived value of the product or service you provide. Show them the money and how they will get it, their business is now yours.

Hey! Wait a minute. What about the other guy, what happened to him. In the same eight seconds the new client who never saw you before, decided to work with you immediately, rejected the other guy. It’s what you don’t say that speaks louder than what you say. The class act always gets the gig. The little things do matter in a big way.

CityLifeStyle Santa Cruz Buckle Brown Beara Beara


This large full leather backpack is constructed of soft leather within a rigid frame to combine comfort with durability. It features one main compartment with a cotton inner lining and a zip pocket on the rear for valuables. Fits up to a 15 inch laptop. Colors: Black, Red and Tan.

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The Edge

So you are not comfortable being a suit but want to have a successful life, then pay attention to the little things that matter. Actions are always louder than words, doing as opposed to not doing, wanting to, as opposed to having to, philosophy, worlds apart.

CityLifeStyle Luigi Black Beara Beara


This backpack looks and feels like a champion. It stands tall with a strong leather frame with soft supple leather throughout for flexibility. Thick straps with extra padding provide durability along with comfort or all those heavy books and laptops. A strong top handle and a brass buckle with eyelets make this a beautiful classic bag. It features one main compartment with a soft cotton inner lining. A zip pocket on the rear is perfect for valuables. Fits up to a 17 inch laptop. Color: Brown.

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You Know The Look

Don’t shoot me, I am only the messenger you say. You are absolutely correct, people have judged you already before you opened your mouth to speak, it’s automatic, a primal subconscious response acquired along the evolutionary highway, the jury returned the verdict and it all happened in eight seconds.

That’s not fair you say. You are absolutely correct, who said anything about life being fair? If you are serious about having a meaningful life with success stacked in your favor, then you are on the right page.

CityLifeStyle Victor Beara Beara


This classic style satchel is handmade from robust leather that will soften nicely over time. Fits 13 inch laptops and A4 pads of paper.

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Stacking It in Your Favor

Start with Beara Beara quality leather products. Not only will their products make you look great, it will help give you the edge. Success is showing up, on time, dressed to play. Now complete the picture. Say what you mean and mean what you say by showing it. As in golf, missing the short game by one stroke, means you are out of the money. So close, yet so far away.

Do you want to be taken seriously? Then dump the synthetic and have the primal drums resonating through time, connecting on the unspoken plain, the understood, yet unsaid.

Picture this, two guys in a meeting. The first with a a ratty, beat up cheap bag on the table. The second guy with his fine upscale leather bag with its own unique story to captivate the imagination of all within hearing, those in attendance watch the scene playing out before them as he takes out his Gold MacBook. There are those who wonder what just happened and those who know what happened. We are talking about the later.

You owe to to yourself. Click on the images and check them out first hand.

Still Wondering?

Why do some guys have the magic and others struggle? Well, book mark this site and come back and I will tell you why. Listen to those that hear the unspoken. In the mean time head over to Beara Beara.