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Bag The Look Of Success
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Say what you want to say without saying it.

CityLifeStyle Men's Fashion Jack The Gladstone Bag By BearaBeara

Jack The Gladstone Bag

This old-school style Glad­stone bag is hand­made from robust leather. Fea­tur­ing one main padded com­part­ment and a small inner zip pock­et for valu­ables. This is quite sim­ply an epic bag with a very dis­tinc­tive look.

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Get Serious

Okay guys, lets get seri­ous about our looks, espe­cial­ly our acces­sories that have a voice loud­er than our own. What do you mean, a voice you ask ? Let’s talk about appear­ances, out­ward impres­sions, a phys­i­cal form occu­py­ing space that speaks loud­er than than dia­logue in the meet­ing. It’s what you put on the table oth­er than your offer, it’s what occu­pies the chair beside you, larg­er than life, a silent and pow­er­ful influ­encer speak­ing vol­umes about you.


Doctor’s Bag Style Satchel

CityLifeStyle Doctor's Bag Style Satchel Gordon Brown Beara Beara

Yeah, okay I bite, where is this going ? There are two types of guys, those who work a job, have a pay day at the end of the week and won­der what hap­pened in the meet­ing when they didn’t get the sale or close the deal. The oth­er guy makes things hap­pen, he is the go-get­ter, ambi­tious sales pro­fes­sion­al, mar­keter, self-employed free­lancer or entre­pre­neur.

There are those with style and finesse and those who think they do. This is about those who know they have style and finesse. Those in the money.

CityLifeStyle El Dorado Beara Beara


This old-school style satchel is hand­made from beau­ti­ful, robust nat­ur­al leather. The satchel will hold its form how­ev­er will soft­en nice­ly over time. Designed to car­ry large fold­ers and 15inch lap­tops. Includes a soft inner lin­ing, a small­er pock­et on the front per­fect for charg­ers or books and a zip pock­et on the back gives you quick access to your wal­let and mobile phone.

Sized Large, Medi­um Dou­ble, Medi­um Sin­gle and Small.

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What Makes The Difference ?

Two guys walk into a meet­ing with a new poten­tial client, the client sub­con­scious­ly has bought with­in eight sec­onds (1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008 — decid­ed) and has yet to pay. What the client pays is up to your nego­ti­a­tion skills and per­ceived val­ue of the prod­uct or ser­vice you pro­vide. Show them the mon­ey and how they will get it, their busi­ness is now yours.

Hey ! Wait a minute. What about the oth­er guy, what hap­pened to him. In the same eight sec­onds the new client who nev­er saw you before, decid­ed to work with you imme­di­ate­ly, reject­ed the oth­er guy. It’s what you don’t say that speaks loud­er than what you say. The class act always gets the gig. The lit­tle things do mat­ter in a big way.

CityLifeStyle Santa Cruz Buckle Brown Beara Beara


This large full leather back­pack is con­struct­ed of soft leather with­in a rigid frame to com­bine com­fort with dura­bil­i­ty. It fea­tures one main com­part­ment with a cot­ton inner lin­ing and a zip pock­et on the rear for valu­ables. Fits up to a 15 inch lap­top. Col­ors : Black, Red and Tan.

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The Edge

So you are not com­fort­able being a suit but want to have a suc­cess­ful life, then pay atten­tion to the lit­tle things that mat­ter. Actions are always loud­er than words, doing as opposed to not doing, want­i­ng to, as opposed to hav­ing to, phi­los­o­phy, worlds apart.

CityLifeStyle Luigi Black Beara Beara


This back­pack looks and feels like a cham­pi­on. It stands tall with a strong leather frame with soft sup­ple leather through­out for flex­i­bil­i­ty. Thick straps with extra padding pro­vide dura­bil­i­ty along with com­fort or all those heavy books and lap­tops. A strong top han­dle and a brass buck­le with eye­lets make this a beau­ti­ful clas­sic bag. It fea­tures one main com­part­ment with a soft cot­ton inner lin­ing. A zip pock­et on the rear is per­fect for valu­ables. Fits up to a 17 inch lap­top. Col­or : Brown.

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You Know The Look

Don’t shoot me, I am only the mes­sen­ger you say. You are absolute­ly cor­rect, peo­ple have judged you already before you opened your mouth to speak, it’s auto­mat­ic, a pri­mal sub­con­scious response acquired along the evo­lu­tion­ary high­way, the jury returned the ver­dict and it all hap­pened in eight seconds.

That’s not fair you say. You are absolute­ly cor­rect, who said any­thing about life being fair ? If you are seri­ous about hav­ing a mean­ing­ful life with suc­cess stacked in your favor, then you are on the right page.

CityLifeStyle Victor Beara Beara


This clas­sic style satchel is hand­made from robust leather that will soft­en nice­ly over time. Fits 13 inch lap­tops and A4 pads of paper.

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Stacking It in Your Favor

Start with Beara Beara qual­i­ty leather prod­ucts. Not only will their prod­ucts make you look great, it will help give you the edge. Suc­cess is show­ing up, on time, dressed to play. Now com­plete the pic­ture. Say what you mean and mean what you say by show­ing it. As in golf, miss­ing the short game by one stroke, means you are out of the mon­ey. So close, yet so far away.

Do you want to be tak­en seri­ous­ly ? Then dump the syn­thet­ic and have the pri­mal drums res­onat­ing through time, con­nect­ing on the unspo­ken plain, the under­stood, yet unsaid.

Pic­ture this, two guys in a meet­ing. The first with a a rat­ty, beat up cheap bag on the table. The sec­ond guy with his fine upscale leather bag with its own unique sto­ry to cap­ti­vate the imag­i­na­tion of all with­in hear­ing, those in atten­dance watch the scene play­ing out before them as he takes out his Gold Mac­Book. There are those who won­der what just hap­pened and those who know what hap­pened. We are talk­ing about the later.

You owe to to your­self. Click on the images and check them out first hand.

Still Wondering ?

Why do some guys have the mag­ic and oth­ers strug­gle ? Well, book mark this site and come back and I will tell you why. Lis­ten to those that hear the unspo­ken. In the mean time head over to Beara Beara.